Packing Instructions
Shipping product to Westrex for repair is easy but it has to be packed correctly. Incorrect packaging of an electronic device can result in added repair costs. Please refer to the guide below for assisatance.

Listed below are guidelines to properly packing a printer for return to Westrex.

1) Wrap the printer in bubble wrap. This is a plastic material that has air pockets on it. Wrap the printer twice in one direction all the way around. Then wrap a layer in the perpendicular direction once. This should be sufficent for the unit.

2) Make sure there is at least two inches (2") of bubble and packing material between the unit and the boxes side. All six sides. The sides are:

1) Front
2) Back
3) Right
4) Left
5) Bottom
6) Top

Place additional fill material (commenly referred to as "peanuts" in the open areas of the box to secure the printer firmly in place to prevent bouncing.

Tape the box securly as not to open in transit.

If you have any questions, please contact Westrex International and ask for advise.

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